Jumaat, 6 Mac 2009

Let’s adjust to change

Old age is another phase in the journey of life. Life for the elderly can be filled with positive and meaningful experiences.

Let’s adjust to:
-Feeling of loneliness, isolation and abandonment arising from:
-Loss of your spouse
-Loss of your friends
-Children leaving home
-Loss of independence due to immobility

Financial difficulties arising from:-
-Loss of income following retirement

Increasing expenditure due to cost of medication and aids/equipment
Changes to your body:
-Movement and reaction time slow down
-Failing memory
-Stiffening joints and weakened muscles
-Eyesight and hearing become poorer

Changes in sleep pattern
Early warning signs that show you are not adjusting well:
-Losing your temper easily
-Feeling tired all the time
-Getting worried easily
-Persistent feeling of sadness
-Difficulty in coping with everyday activities
-Changes in sleeping patterns
-Changes in eating habits
-Suggestions for good mental health

Talk to someone when you have problems
-Sharing your problems helps you to cope betterMake friends
-Meet up with old friends
-Get involved in activities, societies or hobby clubsKeep yourself occupied
-Share interests with neighbours, relatives, family and friends.Keep your body healthy

Exercise regularly
-Eat healthily
-Drink plenty of waterDo things with your family

Maintain a good family relationship
-Go for walks, meals, movies
-Share your hobbies
-Discuss issues

Be realistic about changes in:
-Physical abilities e.g. strength

ConcentrationBe aware of your rights as they may make life easier
-Senior citizens discounts
-Financial assistance
-Welfare aidTalking to someone helps your mental health

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